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Mechanisms of Evolution

Beyond Darwin and Neo-Darwinism

reference articles

»» STANFORD RESEARCHERS DEVELOP SYSTEM FOR FIELD TESTING MECHANISMS OF EVOLUTION »» HORIZONTAL GENE TRANSFER, GENOME INNOVATION AND EVOLUTION »» New Evidence For One-way Evolution »» MICROBIOLOGY: ON TYPE IV SECRETION »» Where 'Jumping Genes' Fear To Tread »» New Cellular Evolution Theory Rejects Darwinian Assumptions »» Mobile DNA in obligate intracellular bacteria »» Symbiosis: Teaming up in defence »» Horizontal gene transfer, genome innovation and evolution »» Metabolic maps and functions of the Plasmodium falciparum apicoplast »» Hatena : Search : Endosymbiosis »» Search results : endosymbiosis : Nature »» RE-EVALUATING PROKARYOTIC SPECIES »» STUDYING PLASMID HORIZONTAL TRANSFER IN SITU: A CRITICAL REVIEW »» MECHANISMS OF, AND BARRIERS TO, HORIZONTAL GENE TRANSFER BETWEEN BACTERIA


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